Experiences around Cider

Cider is the quintessential drink throughout Asturias. Since time immemorial, apples have been squeezed in the presses to extract the soul of the earth, rich in minerals and nutrients, in a completely traditional way.

There are currently almost 80 professional cider mills and a large number of producers who continue to make cider at home for their own consumption.

The apples are grown in the “pumaradas” and between September and November they are taken to the presses for the press. The “sweet cider” that is obtained can be tasted for a short period of time before it is taken to the barrels where it will begin its transformation into traditional natural cider. Other varieties such as “sparkling cider” and “new expression cider” are also produced.

All this culture around cider can be found in different places throughout the region. We share some where you can enjoy the cider experience:

Guided visits to Cider Mills

Apple plantations (Pumaradas)

In many valleys of Asturias you can see farms completely full of apple trees. Some can be visited officially as:

La Rionda farm. San Justo Villaviciosa: Consults 661645930.

Cider Museum

In Nava there is the Cider Museumspace where we can learn about the entire production process and the culture around cider. It is also possible to combine the visit with a nearby winery.